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Trump signs repeal of Internet Privacy Regulations

Is this bad news for everyday US citizens online privacy? CNN just published an excellent article on The uncertain future of Internet privacy. PC Cop is dedicated to protecting your privacy and we will be following this story closely in the future.

Trump signs repeal of Internet privacy regulations, this article goes in depth about this move.

What do you think about this decision?

Please leave a comment below and let us what you think about this repeal of Internet privacy regulations.

How to protect your privacy during the Trump adminstration

President Trump has recently taken office and online privacy will likely be changing. President Trump has frequently criticized Net Neutrality and Open Internet movements.

You can take steps to maximize your privacy. I know you probably don’t have anything to hide but do you really want any or all government agencies having access to your entire digital life? There have been some reports of US citizens being required to release their passwords to social media sites before re entering US borders.

Don’t Use The Fingerprint Scanner

Most of us have a smartphone that has a fingerprint scanner built in to unlock the phone for us.  This is one of the most insecure things you can have on your phone.  Use 6 digit passwords that are not easy to guess for the most privacy.

Disable Your Webcam and Mic

When you are not using them there is no need to have your Webcam or Mic as they could be used to spy on you easily.  Use a piece of tape or paper to cover up your cam and just unplug your microphone.

Use the TOR Browser

TOR is a browser that is built with privacy in mind.  Don’t login to your google account via your chrome browser either.  This creates an online database of all your activity. This is a bad idea if you are interested in your online privacy.

Privacy Software Downloads

Privacy Shield – All in one privacy tool that handles all of your privacy needs. Securely erase all traces of your internet activity including chat records, browsing history, online activity and more.

Privacy Controls – The benchmark of privacy tools from the ParetoLogic.

Keep your computer running smooth with Reimage

I have high hopes for President Trump but I hope he changes his mind on internet privacy. Please feel free to leave your comment below and let us know what you think about this online privacy article or if you have some tips to share as well.

Beware Of Free WiFi

We are so used to being connected that a free wifi signal can be alluring. You are much safer if you just do not connect to any public wifi spots. You don’t want to install system updates or other software using these free connections as you could be installing carefully camouflaged malware.


A VPN is short for Virtual Private Network. It allows you to access the web while making it look like you are located in a different location.  This is especially useful if you are censored by your location.


PC Cop Privacy Software

PC Cop is the new standard in online privacy protection. Our software powers millions of computers all over the world and allows anyone to eradicate their digital footprint, full browsing history, chat records/logs, and file usage.

You can also use one of our user favorite features that allows you to embed dummy/false information into the history files if desired.  Your online privacy is more important than ever in 2017.

PC Cop has a completely automated mode that works for you 24 hours a day to protect your privacy.

We are releasing the new version over the next few days.