Test Your PC

Find out if you have any hidden items that are risking your privacy. You could have passwords that are easily available, history, pictures, websites, graphics and more. 

Identify Potential Issues

PC Cop easily identifies potential privacy issues and makes you aware of them. PC Cop makes it much easier and does everything for you in one click.

Secure Your PC

With just a couple of clicks you can easily cleanup and secure your personal and private data. 

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ChristopherPC Cop Lead Programmer

We constantly work on improving your privacy with regular updates to PC Cop. This is the most comprehensive privacy software I've ever seen.  We have been building and improving this software for the past several years and will continue to serve our valued customers with honesty and integrity for many more years to come. 

PC Cop Privacy Features


PC Cop powers millions of computers all over the world. Real-Time Protection with World Class Security

Threat Scan

PC Cop enables you to easily scan your PC for potential privacy issues. It instantly displays potential issues.


Protect your profiles from identity theft and know exactly where you computer keeps your private data stored.

Stop Fraud

Prevent Identity Theft and Phishing attacks by stopping hackers and scammers dead in their tracks


PC Cop enables you to use the internet safely while protecting you from privacy issues.


PC Cop works with all versions of Windows. Windows XP, 7, 8, and 10

PC Cop Trial Version Download


To help the average computer user protect their privacy without having to go to college for computer programming.  We want to make it simple to protect your privacy. We have been building quality software since 1999 and helped over 250,000 customers.

PC Cop V3.2

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